Let's Travel Better Together!


Let's Travel Better Together!

Let's Travel Better Together!

Let's Travel Better Together!Let's Travel Better Together!
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What I can do to help you

I am a traveler who has found ways to take amazing trips I didn’t think I would ever be able to afford. Most of us are used to traveling domestically in economy, and picture international travel as looking like it did in the 90s; overhead screens, bad food and all.  I have discovered a different level of travel to be in reach for everyday people, without spending extravagant amounts of money.  For some people that would mean increased volume in trips, and for others traveling in a more comfortable or luxurious manner.    We all know that high volume and/or luxury travel can be cost prohibitive. For instance, traveling in international business class on an American carrier can cost over $8,000 per ticket! Stays in an overwater bungalow in the tropics can cost well over $1,000 per night! That same business class ticket has cost me only $5.60 cash out of pocket, plus miles. Luxury hotel stays have been free for me with credit card or hotel points.  

My goal is to help you identify strategies to make these types of trips possible for you, too. 

I offer a Credit Card Strategy Consulation that will put you on a path to traveling to all of the places you have always dreamed of seeing.  I also offer services for identifying and booking these trips, saving you countless hours of time and keeping thousands of dollars in your pocket.  This goes deeper than just finding a basic itinerary though – my travel consultation will provide you with recommendations that go all the way down to the type of plane and specific seats to give you the best experience.   

Understanding award travel
Airlines release seats that they don’t believe they will sell for cash prices to their frequent flyer programs. Different airlines release different amounts of seats at different times, so there is no specific rule of thumb for the best way to find an award flight. This is where I come in. I generally know when airlines release SAVER award space, and how much they release. These SAVER awards can charge 500% less miles/points than the standard awards you may find on an airline website or talking to a phone agent. 

I will hunt for any SAVER availability that meets your criteria, in order to get you the best deal possible. Now, different airlines (and destinations) have different fees and surcharges that come as a part of these tickets. Part of my search will be to find the routing with the lowest possible out of pocket cost to you in cash and points. There is a reality to be aware of in this though - it is not always feasible (or likely) that you will be able to find a non-stop flight on a popular route with your preferred airline. For instance, it is rare that a Houston-based traveler will be able to find 4 business class SAVER seats on a non-stop United flight from Houston - London. Also, weekend itineraries can be difficult to secure, so flexibility in departure and arrival days of the week is key. I use the best award search tools and have a creative mind for routing.  But, ultimately, I can only hunt find low cost SAVER tickets that the airline releases. So, these SAVER awards often have:  

  • Connections, domestically and/or internationally that may be cheaper bought with cash, and may be in a different class of service 
  • Airport taxes, airline-imposed surcharges and seat assignment fees (British Airways and the U.K. are notorious for this)
  • Outbound and inbound tickets not available as one reservation, and sometimes not even able to be booked at the same time (I will search until the space presents itself, but it is always better to book a SAVER award when it is available

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