Let's Travel Better Together!


Let's Travel Better Together!

Let's Travel Better Together!

Let's Travel Better Together!Let's Travel Better Together!

About Us


What We Do

Astropoints is here to be a resource to everyday people.  

I discovered the points and miles hobby a few years ago, and have been able to travel in ways I never thought possible.  Simply put, I want to help others do the same.


What to Expect

You will see travel news, reviews of hotels, flights, credit cards, lounges and gear, and general commentary on astropoints.com.  I want to primarily review products that are in reach for most travelers, so don't expect to see multiple reviews of the Etihad Residence or the like.  I'll be looking for your feedback to help me tailor content to you!


How I Can Help You

In addition to reviews and recommendations, I also can help you book your award tickets and devise credit card strategies.